Thirteen Mile Lamb and Wool Company brings you certified organic products made from our flock of sheep in southwestern Montana. Tender lamb meat, grass along with sweaters, hats, mittens, blankets, yarn, rugs and handspinners fleeces are the things you can buy, but you are sharing in much more when you do so. For pictures and news about what is happening at the farm, look at news.

At Thirteen Mile Farm we raise sheep without using chemical fertilizers and herbicides on our fields, and the sheep grow on grass, clover and alfalfa with no antibiotics or hormone supplements. Our lamb is certified organic by the Montana State Department of Agriculture. The livestock are fenced out of the creeks to protect both local wildlife habitat and the quality of the sheeps' drinking water. Our principal protection against native predators are our guard dogs and our own vigilance; because we have chosen not to use lethal control methods against coyotes, bears, wolves, mountain lions, our ranch is certified as "predator friendly". It is a choice which, like many of our land management decisions, acknowledges risk in the interest of learning how to coexist with native species while caring for the land.

Our lambs are butchered at a local state-inspected facility; our hats are made on home knitting machines; and we make our own buttons from old juniper wood fenceposts scavenged on our homestead and other Montana ranches.

A full-service, natural fiber processing mill is operating at Thirteen Mile Lamb & Wool Company. We are processing our own wool, and we are doing custom processing for other fiber producers---washing, picking, carding, pin-drafting, felting and semi-worsted spinning. We can produce roving or batts directly off the carder, pin-drafted sliver, felt, or yarns.

Welcome to and find out more about our products and how to order them, about the PF certification, and answers to frequently asked questions about sheep ranching and our business.

To all our customers and fiber producers who we don’t know yet, we have some good news!

One of our beloved employees, LaVonne Stucky is teaming up with her husband Chris Stucky to purchase the wool mill. This is good news for everyone---for the Stuckys, for Dave and Becky at Thirteen Mile, for all our employees, and for you. LaVonne has thought about this for a while, but over the holidays when all her family was together including adult son and daughter, they collectively said to LaVonne and Chris, “Go for it.”

LaVonne and Chris will move the equipment to their place about 7 miles from here, fulfilling our hopes of keeping the mill in southwest Montana, surviving and thriving for the long haul. All of our employees will remain involved, so there should be a seamless transition coming up… It will take a little while because the Stuckys are doing some work on buildings in preparation. In the meantime, we’re busy processing full-time still here at Thirteen Mile, so go ahead and send your fleeces and we’ll keep at it. Any remaining backlog will transition smoothly.

We are both honored and happy that LaVonne and Chris have made this decision.

We’ll do all that we can to help make it go without a hitch, and of course, we will continue to have our wool processed at “The Wool Mill”. The Stuckys have all the necessary skills---LaVonne’s entrepreneurial spirit, experience in the mill, passion for fiber and for the fiber community, and Chris’ affinity for accounting, hard work and general build-and-fix abilities. It doesn’t hurt that, in the background, their son Kelly works in a machine shop and daughter Juliana has plenty of business savvy from her experience in the banking and high-tech worlds.

Our Thirteen Mile yarns will remain in production, as will the other products on our website…. LaVonne will be adding new options on their website as the transition develops. In the meantime you can inquire about dates and plans with the Stuckys at their new email:

Questions are still welcome here as well with, 406-581-8543

Keep watching this page in the near term for more profiles of our employees…..the people who have made all this possible and will help keep it vital.




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