Thirteen Mile brings you certified organic lamb and wool from our flock of sheep in southwestern Montana.  Tender grassfed lamb,  along with yarns, hats, mittens and other wool products are things you can buy, but you are sharing in much more when you do so.   Care for the land, our animals (both meat and fiber),  and our neighbors (both wild and human), drive this work-in-progress.   We've learned a lot in 30+ years at this special spot, but there's always more change afoot.  

For updates on our flock, the wool mill,  and how to find the wool products ("comfort food for the hands"), welcome to our farm and our website.

For the last fourteen years, we've been processing our wool as well as fiber from producers all over the country in our big white barn.  In January 2018, the mill moved ~8 miles away to the home of LaVonne and Chris Stucky who are purchasing that portion of our business.   We'll still be producing the fiber and making our products with Thirteen Mile wool, but the carding and spinning business is now run by LaVonne, who worked at the mill when it was here.  This is great news; The Wool Mill will thrive and become its own thing under Lavonne's leadership, and we'll return our primary energies to the land at Thirteen Mile.

Those who have followed our site for a long time know that predator friendly ranching, renewable energy, and other practices on the land and in the mill reflect our hopes of learning to "farm as if nature matters"*.  Max  (guard dog, left) and Ruby (guard burro, right)  head up the predator part by protecting the flock from native carnivores.  As we build this website we'll share more about the rest of it.


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