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Thirteen Mile Organic, Grassfed Lamb

We are marketing our grassed, organic lamb again, directly to individuals, stores and restaurants, after a 9-year hiatus when we sold it through another ranch.  Our lamb is certified organic by the Montana Department of Agriculture as it has been for years. In keeping with our goal of maximizing animal, pasture and human health, we harvest all or nearly all our lamb crop between July and December (as scheduling allows). Young animals in their first season of growth, still on pasture, yield tender, easy to digest meat with a healthy fatty acid profile and mild flavor.*

Our flock is dominantly Romney, with some Corriedale, Border Leicester and South African Meat Merino genetics in the mixture. We stay with medium frame animals with medium grade wool; this seems to yield the mild meat we prefer and the lustrous, soft, long wool fleeces that dominate our wool products.

You may order a whole lamb or selected cuts at the prices listed below. When you order lamb from us you will know that it was born and raised here, raised on organic pasture and hay from Thirteen Mile Farm. The ewes occasionally graze on a neighbor's adjacent field. We feed no antibiotics or hormones.

Our lambs are butchered at Amsterdam Meats in a neighboring town. It is a well-managed, clean and efficient, state-inspected facility. Short transport and quick service mean the animals and meat are handled carefully, minimally, and quickly. Without such small-scale, decentralized meat processing plants, sustainable livestock agriculture would be lost. We value the labor, skill and thought that goes into their entire process. Under current law, meat from state-inspected facilities of this size cannot be sold across state line. Right now our lamb is selling so fast in our community that out-of-state export isn't feasible anyway. We'll grow somewhat in the next few years to try to meet customer demand, but no more than our land and local infrastructure can handle.   

Here are the options for Thirteen Mile Lamb:

Whole lamb, or Selected Cuts:

  • Whole lamb is typically 30-32 lbs., but weights do vary, so we charge per pound  $9.50.

  • Packages are cryovac unless you request paper wrapping ahead of time.

  • This will include riblets and organ meat only if you request this items. Many of our customers buy selected cuts, and we suggested you call or email us to get updated information on availability and pricing on particular cuts.

  • If you're interested in getting bones for bone broth and/or pet food please contact ahead of the butchering season, i.e., July, so there's time for planning pickup (storage is always a challenge).

Where can I buy Thirteen Mile Lamb?

1. Here at Thirteen Mile, 13000 Springhill Road, Belgrade, Montana  (call ahead 406-581-8543)

2.  Daniels Gourmet Meat and Sausage on Griffin Avenue in Bozeman, Montana

     (Austin Daniels is making excellent lamb sausage from our animals and carries lamb cuts)

3.  Town and Country Foods on South 11th Avenue in Bozeman, Montana.

4.  Blackbird Kitchen, a local restaurant, prepares their artful meals with as much local food as possible, including our lamb. They are the corner of East Main and Bozeman Avenue.

*  For more information on the differences between Grassfed and Grain-fed meat, see

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