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Our rugs are made with a blend of Karakul and other coarse wools, suitable for heavy duty wear on a floor. They are not meant to be like delicate, next-to-the-skin clothing...but stepping out of bed in your bare feet onto one of these rugs is pure pleasure. We crochet rovings carded at The Wool Mill, and then felt them to make a very tough, resilient rug. The rugs are made entirely from wool and then felted, so they are even tougher than the traditional braided rugs that they look similar to. That is because there is no lacing thread that will cut into the wool strands over time; instead the felting process simply fuses everything together into one big wool piece.


The photos below show a selection of rugs that are currently in stock. They show the range of possibilities: oval, round or rectangular; natural and/or plant-dyed colors; sizes ranging from chair seat-cover-size, to 4'x 6' floor rugs. We can do bigger rugs, but only if made by piecing together small rectangular/square units.


If you see a rug you like, let us know, and we can do something similar, and we do custom rugs. The photos below give you a rough idea of pricing. We'll provide a quote for custom designs. It's not possible to meet exact color specifications; instead we'll work with general color aspirations with our combination of natural-colored and plant-dyed wools.

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