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Wool Mill

The Thirteen Mile wool mill has moved to its new home and owners; it is now officially

The Wool Mill   (


In 2018, LaVonne and Chris Stucky took over ownership of The Wool Mill and moved

it just down the road  7.8 miles from Thirteen Mile Farm keeping it in Gallatin Valley. 


LaVonne’s email is    Look there for pricing, turnaround times,

and other updates. Her phone number is (406) 580-7176


She continues to follow sustainable practices and is a zero-waste wool mill that uses solar energy to run the machines and heat the water to wash the wool. 

Becky is still felting (needle-felt and wet-felted flat pieces), so you can get batts made at The Wool Mill and request felt pieces here.  Call or email Becky before you ship.


We are very happy that the mill lives on in the Gallatin Valley and we look forward to continued collaboration with The Wool Mill.

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