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We are no longer selling wholesale yarns so we are able to lower the prices that you pay!  Inventories updated on the site so if we are out of stock on a particular yarn the site won't let you order it.


Our yarns are made from certified organic wool in a wide range of natural (right-off-the-sheep) and plant-dyed colors. We select fiber blends to best match fiber texture to yarn weight and spinning style.


Our standard weights are sport (~300-330 yd/100g skein), worsted (~210-230 yd/100g skein), and bulky (~120-140 yd/100g skein).  Yardages are consistent within each lot, but there is some variation between lots.  

We choose our finest fibers for sport ( typically fine Corriedale, Merino, and crosses); medium fibers for worsted (finer Romney, Corriedale, BFL, etc.); and bulky (romeys, English Leicestser, Border Leicester).  Similarly, plant-dyed colors are consistent within lots, but there is variation between lots.  

The natural variability of the plant materials, the water chemistry and the fibers' responses are part of the charm of unique yarns. . . Celebrate that diversity, and order enough yarn at once for each of your projects.

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