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Montana had a cold and snowy winter this past season, and the sheep seem to be thriving on our new mineral program, so the fleeces are especially nice this year. Anything that you make from these fleeces may be labeled “Made with Certified Organic Wool”.


We sell raw wool to handspinners who like to work with a single animal's fleece from raw locks, to finished yarns, or to anyone who has special projects for special fleeces, e.g. felters, dollmakers, etc. Note that we also can provide fiber at various stages of processing between raw fleece and finished yarn (ie., washed, washed and picked, roving, batts, and felt). Call or email if you are unsure what you should be looking for.

The images below show most of our 2018 fleeces (shorn in mid-February), from our mostly-Romney flock, with various crossbred genetics (Corriedale, Border Leicester, Blue-faced Leicester, S. African Merino). I am happy to mail actual fleece samples once you have identified particular animals or fleece types that you are looking for.

The two purebred Churro fleeces are no longer available, but keep an eye out for next year.


The individual fleeces are $8/lb based on the raw weight, and typically weigh between 6 and 10 lbs.

Contact us to find out weights of individual fleeces, or if you want to ask about bulk pricing on some white lambs' wool. The karakul wool that we use in our rugs does not show up on this page because we do not own the sheep that this wool came came from an elderly woman's estate sale in eastern Montana and that wool is remarkably filthy: it takes as much effort to clean it as it does to make the rugs, but the unique end result is worth it.

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